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E! Analysis


Even with the cluttered programming on cable on Sunday nights, E! is not afraid to air one of their best originals like  KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS or ICE LOVES COCO.  Most of their schedule varies night by night, week to week.  It is rather looked upon as if you are watching the brand, and not appointment viewing.

This cable network has developed a successful, highly profitable take on the old broadcast network formula -- find and create accessible stars and watch the viewers pour in, but for fractions of the cost of a single episode of a network drama.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / October 2012 vs. October 2011  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

E! had a rough time of it this October. Numbers were down across the board from both a monthly and yearly standpoint. The biggest factor contributing to the drop was a lack of new KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS episodes.

The only KARDASHIANS episode that aired in October was a glorified clip episode with a bit of new footage. The episode of rehashed moments was down significantly with viewers. Nevertheless, the KARDASHIANS special was the most watched telecast of the month.

Despite the fact that KARDASHIAN aired only one new episode in October, the show had a massive amount of telecasts – 36 in total. The number of reruns took a toll on the show’s monthly ratings. KARDASHIANS was down 63% and 62% among women 18 – 49 and 25 – 54 respectively.

Similar to KARDASHIANS, spinoff KOURNTEY & KIM TAKE NEW YORK also featured a single episode. The rerun episode was not highly rated.

The most watched show of the month was ICE LOVE COCO. The popular show returned for its third season and, in keeping with the month’s single episode theme, only aired its premiere and featured no reruns. While COCO was popular within the context of the month, the third season premiere was significantly down among women 18 – 49 in comparison to the second season opener. It’s probable that COCO’S premiere suffered due to its weak opener. The poorly rated clip episode of KARDASHIAN was a poor lead-in for what is generally a much more popular show.

In addition to KARDASHIAN and COCO, MARRIED TO JONAS also aired on Sundays. After a strong September, JONAS seems to be losing steam. The show was down 44% among women 18 – 49. As with COCO, some of this decline may be due to the lack of KARDASHIAN episodes. Despite JONAS’S decline, all four premiere episodes ranked within E’s top 10 telecasts of the month.

New show A LIST LISTING premiered at the end of the month. Unfortunately, the show was slimly beaten out by SEX AND THE CITY – an ominous sign for any brand new show.

THE SOUP clearly hasn’t recovered from its switch from Fridays nights a little under a year ago – its down 58% among men and 50% with women in the 18 – 49 demo.