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E! Analysis


Even with the cluttered programming on cable on Sunday nights, E! is not afraid to air one of their best originals like  KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS or ICE LOVES COCO.  Most of their schedule varies night by night, week to week.  It is rather looked upon as if you are watching the brand, and not appointment viewing.

This cable network has developed a successful, highly profitable take on the old broadcast network formula -- find and create accessible stars and watch the viewers pour in, but for fractions of the cost of a single episode of a network drama.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / May 2012 vs. May 2011  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

E! was up from last month and also managed to stay level with its ratings from a year ago. The return of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (now in its seventh season) gets the most credit for the network’s solid month.
KARDASHIAN was the highest rated show in May and was particularly popular with women aged 18-49. Thanks to KARDASHIAN, Sundays were easily the most watched night for E!

KARDASHIAN’s season opener fared better than the preceding premiere. Despite this encouraging return, the season’s second episode fell drastically in viewership. This overwhelming drop can be partially attributed to the holiday weekend (which tends to deter viewership across the board). The second episode also lacked a juicy storyline on par with the first episode – in which Khloe took a DNA test to prove her oft-questioned Kardashian lineage.

Regardless of the reasons, a look at each successive season makes it apparent that KARDASHIAN has begun to gradually lose its luster. But even with the recent decline, KARDASHIANS’ new episodes were the most watched telecasts for E! in May.
KARDASHIANS spinoff KHLOE & LAMAR was the second most popular program of the month. The show closed out its second season to solid ratings – the final two episodes were the most popular telecasts after KARDASHIANS.

The strength of Sundays was rounded out by new show MRS. EASTWOOD & COMPANY. The reality show, which features the famed actor/director’s wife and children, did well with women aged 18-49. Ultimately, the new show profited from sizeable buzz and having KARDASHIANS as a lead in.

FASHION POLICE WEEKLY was another strong draw for the network. Overall, FASHION was the second most viewed program for E!, finding an equal audience among women 18-49 and 25-54.

THE SOUP, which aired new episodes on Wednesdays, dropped off from last month. Still, all four of the show’s new episodes found a spot in E!’s top 20 May telecasts.

The remainder of E!’s May schedule was largely comprised of poorly rated reruns such as GIULIANA & BILL, ICE LOVES COCO, SEX AND THE CITY, and FASHION STAR.