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E! Analysis


Even with the cluttered programming on cable on Sunday nights, E! is not afraid to air one of their best originals like  KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS or HOLLY'S WORLD.  Most of their schedule varies night by night, week to week.  It is rather looked upon as if you are watching the brand, and not appointment viewing.

This cable network has developed a successful, highly profitable take on the old broadcast network formula -- find and create accessible stars and watch the viewers pour in, but for fractions of the cost of a single episode of a network drama.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / March 2012 vs. March 2011  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

E!’s ratings for March were flat from the month before and down from 2011.  Despite this downturn, there were pockets of good news for E!, thanks to the network’s capitalization of Oscar fever.

The yearly Oscar-centric version of FASHION POLICE was the most widely viewed program for the network.  The Oscar FASHION POLICE special was especially popular among women aged 18-49.

Enthusiasm for FASHION carried over into the regular WEEKLY iteration of the show.  Women aged 18-49 and 25-54 watched the show in equal measure, making Fridays (which aired debut episodes of FASHION) one of the more successful nights for the network.

The most watched night among young women was Sunday, which featured new episodes of KHLOE & LAMAR and ICE LOVES COCO.  Following FASHION POLICE, the two reality shows garnered the most viewers for E!.

ICE LOVES COCO proved it wasn’t simply a flash in the pan, returning for a second season with numbers on par with the very well received original season.  COCO remained popular throughout March among women in both main demographics.

KHLOE & LAMAR also continued its second season in March with similarly strong ratings.  Over the course of the month, E! aired an impressive 49 total telecasts of KHLOE.  Despite the extensive number of reruns, the re-airings maintained a significant portion of the show’s audience.  KHLOE also posted more entries in E!’s top twenty telecasts than any other of the network’s programs.

Elsewhere on the schedule, THE SOUP was once again down in the ratings.  Since making the move to Wednesdays, the show has struggled to find an audience.  Despite the relatively disappointing numbers, THE SOUP did have the distinction of enjoying more male viewers than any other show the highly female-skewing network.

FASHION STAR, a newly acquired reality series from sister channel NBC, premiered in March to meager ratings.  Household viewers proved uninterested in second runs of the show.