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CMT Strategic Opportunities - October 2008


CMT prides itself on knowing its audience.  Focusing on music, but paying respect to all that is country, shows dealing with wholesome American interests are at the core of their schedule. DALLAS COWBOYS, TRICK MY TRUCK, COWBOY U and classic shows like DUKES OF HAZARD and HEE HAW.  Think All-American when thinking of CMT. The CMT audience comes to the network for music, current and past, as well as programming that embody the values found in the country music lifestyle.


Any talent with a general appeal in the country genre offers an opportunity for series development.  Talent can be current country artists, rising stars, or legends from the past.

Series that cross over music genres and link the country community to other areas of the viewer's interest. This programming allows the network to broaden their core base of viewers and become more mainstream, attracting those light country enthusiasts.

Competition/elimination based series predominate the development slate.  Series with stories confined within the episode may have some appeal.  TRICK MY TRUCK and REDNECK WEDDING are two good examples.


Very limited acquisitions to date.  Most notable was the syndicated series HEE HAW, DUKES OF HAZZARD, and MAMA'S FAMILY.  Recent purchases, NANNY 911 and TRADING SPOUSES could indicate a new editorial area for potential acqusitions.


The network does not accept any unsolicited material.  You must be represented by an agent, attorney or production company.  There are two  programming divisions that accept submissions both on the east coast and the west coast offices.  There is no e-mail submission process.


The NAME THAT TUNE project is part of a larger production arrangement with sister network MTV and VH1.  A unique version will be produced for each of the three networks.  Six episodes per network, 18 episodes total.

Network could use some series with a longer shelf life.  Competition/elimination based formats are fun to watch, but don't have the strength to repeat down the road, something that's increasingly becoming a necessity on this network. 


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