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CMT Analysis - October 2011


While Music still informs many of CMT's  original series such as THE SINGING BEE and CMT'S NEXT SUPERSTAR, movies and acquired series dominate the schedule six nights per week. EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION periodically strips at 8pm Monday -Thursday, followed by a Movie most nights. Original series have moved to Thursday from Friday, with Music specials slotted throughout the schedule.

Weekend strategy consists of slotting series and movies interspersed with Comedy and Music specials. Series are beginning to establish a presence on Sundays.

After scheduling Prime "off the clock" with most programs starting at some point during the third quarter of the hour in December, CMT returned to starting on the hour and half-hour in January, and has continued this practice on and off throughout 2011.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison /October 2011 vs. October 2010  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

After two consecutive months of wholesale lineup changes, in October CMT offered a lineup emphasizing Movies Monday through Wednesday, as well as Saturday, with orginal series Thursday and Friday.

Sundays feature CMT's top series for key demos, EXTEME MAKEOVER HOME EDTION, now leading into new offering TRICK MY WHAT at 10pm.  The latter series has a tough time holding on to EXTREME MAKEOVER'S older Women, but overall finished #1 for HH Rtg this month due to its strength among older Men. Movies continue to fill virtually half  of Prime in October, and dominated the top programs again, with 13 out of the Top 20.

In a pattern that has emerged over the last year or so, when CMT's schedule is "on the clock," demo delivery tends to climb. While W25-54  declined by nearly 1/4 in September, when CMT returned to its periodic practice of scheduling off the clock, they grew 20% over last year in October, when the majority of programs began on the hour or half-hour. Ratings for HH and W25-54 were up in the 20% range from September.

In addition to the continuing roll-out of  new series TRICK MY WHAT,  CMT launched new series SECRET RECIPE, with two runs 8-10pm on Friday, leading into a run of TRICK MY WHAT at 10pm. Both new series remained relatively flat in delivery from the line-up's launch in Week 3 to Week 5 of the survey, with TRICK improving ratings at 10pm. SECRET RECIPE joined ANGELS AMONG US  as the bottom two series for HH and demos in October.

In a shift from how Nielsen has listed CMT's programming in the past, the ratings from certain Prime Movie telecasts no longer appear under a single COUNTRY MUSIC THEATER umbrella. For October,  two back-toback runs of NATIONAL LAMPOON'S XMAS VACATION were the top film offerings.