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Zaslav’s Gold Rush: $156M in 2014 Pay

Discovery CEO David Zaslav received $156.1 million in total compensation in 2014, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday.

Zaslav’s base salary was unchanged from 2013 at $3 million. But Zaslav also received $94.6 million in stock awards and $50.5 million in option awards. He received no stock award last year and a $22.5 million option award last year. He also received about $8 million in other pay.

The big numbers are a result of Zaslav negotiating a new six-year employment agreement in January. The new deal included a lump sum equity payment. According to the filing, the deal “rewards Mr. Zaslav for the value he has created and the continued strategic direction he provides and requires sustained performance over time for that award to have value. At the end of the contract, Mr. Zaslav will own a substantial amount of equity of Discovery, which reinforces his alignment with our shareholders and encourages long-term ownership of our stock.”

Zaslav is required to hold onto at least 60% of the equity during the term of the agreement.

In 2013, Zaslav’s total compensation was $33.3 million.