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YouTube Video Promotes NFL Net As Mother/Daughter Family Channel

A clip has been posted on YouTube, and bicycled to reporters by fans of the NFL's position in a profile carriage battle, taking aim at some cable operators' decision to move the NFL Network to a sports tier.

The clip

, which literally bashes cable over the issue, is aimed at women, features a woman swearing at her cable bill, smashing her cable box, and urging viewers to convince their cable compay that the NFL Network is a "a family channel promoting mother-daughter bonding."

The channel features a mix of original programming including regular, preseason and international games

The NFL Network sued Comcast for breach of contract in federal court over the issue of moving the channel from a more heavily viewed basic package to a sports tier, but  lost the case. 

It is appealing that decision


So far, the clip isn't getting much traffic, having only received 294 views in two days at press time. An NFL spokesman says the network had nothing to do with the clip.