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YouTube Shares Children’s Original Series

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YouTube announced the pickup of eight new children’s shows as part of its $100 million commitment “to invest in the future of quality kids, family and educational programming,” said the streaming giant. The series, premiering later this year, are BookTube Jr., featuring children’s book authors; The Eggventurers, with animated egg characters; The Guava Juice Show, an animated series featuring a 14-year-old version of YouTuber Roi Fabito; child journalist-featuring Kid Correspondent, Lottie Dottie Mini, a learning series featuring a chicken; Millie and Lou, about a girl and a cat; animated soccer series Super Strikas: Rookie Season and exercise show The Workout Badges.

“Coming from an incredible caliber of creators, our new roster of shows celebrates the diversity of kids and empowers them to pursue their dreams and care for each other and the world around them,” said Nadine Zylstra, head of Family, learning and impact for YouTube Originals. “Each of these projects is in lockstep with the tone of the YouTube Originals Kids & Family brand. "In essence, shows that are entertaining, compelling, embrace big ideas, have strong takeaways and ultimately bring the positive spirit of YouTube to life for our youngest audience.” 

Animated series Super Sema, featuring a young superhero girl on some world-changing adventures, premieres March 8. 

YouTube added that 25 more children’s series are in development, including musical travel show Jam Van and Corpse Talk, an animated talk show whose guests are historical figures.