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YouTube Launches Olympics Channel Accessible to U.S.

With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finally underway, YouTube is launching a channel to bring together video from a number of news organizations covering the goings on in China.

The move came just a few days after the International Olympic Committee launched an Olympics channel of its own, albeit one that is inaccessible to countries whose media sponsors have digital agreements with the IOC, including the United States.

The new channel, The Summer Games YouTube Channel, will not feature Olympic sporting events, but rather news, analysis, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the Games.

Participating media organizations that will provide video include AP, Getty Images, Reuters, The New York Times, Travel Channel and Sexy Beijing.

Travel recently completed a themed week or programming, China Week, leading into the games. Clips from the week will be featured on the YouTube channel.

"The Summer Games YouTube Channel is the ideal first stop for fans because it provides a comprehensive view of what's going on in Beijing," said Steve Grove, YouTube's head of news and politics, in announcing the channel. "Contributing media organizations have their fingers on the city's pulse and they're sharing the action with a worldwide audience through one location on YouTube."