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YouTube Introduces Video Awards

YouTube, Google's popular video-sharing Website, announced March 19 they are planning an awards ceremony to honor the best user-created videos of 2006.

The awards will be virtually handed out in seven categories: "Most Creative -- Innovative and Cutting Edge Video," "Most Inspirational -- Things That Make You Think or Feel," "Best Series -- The Best in Serial Entertainment," "Best Comedy -- They Had us in Stitches," "Musician of the Year -- Celebrating YouTube's Home-Grown Musical Talent," "Best Commentary -- The Bloggers Who Caught our Attention," and "Most Adorable Video Ever -- So Cute it Hurts."

Voting is set to take place from March 19 until the 22 a special YouTube channel which showcases the nominees, located at (as of this writing the page is "not available"). The winners, as chosen by the community, will be announced on March 26.

The news of the awards comes a week after MTV, whose parent company Viacom is suing YouTube for $1 billion in copyright infringements, announced the addition of a "User-Generated Video Award" to its upcoming MTV Movie Awards ceremony.