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Your Next Stop...Medium

If you think you’ve entered the Twilight Zone watching the late Rod Serling introduce Monday’s special 3-D episode of NBC’s Medium, you haven’t. You’ve just entered sweeps month.

Technology wizards are digitally manipulating the image of the Twilight Zone creator and host with the voice of Mark Silverman (the only “voice artist” recognized by the Sterling estate) for the Nov. 21 episode of the Patricia Arquette series.

That episode, entitled "Still Life," will use Serling—in the traditional black-and-white footage evocative of The Twilight Zone—as a cue to let viewers know it’s time to put on their 3-D glasses to see an enhanced image of Arquette's eyeball.

NBC assures viewers who did not get their glasses in this week’s TV Guide, through Sprint street teams, at a Universal theme park, or on the web, that their viewing experience of the episode will not be altered from the traditional image.

"I first began exploring the possibility of doing a 3-D episode of television over a decade ago when I was working on Moonlighting," says Medium executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron. "When Medium became successful, I realized that in many ways it was an even better vehicle for 3-D.”

SENSIO 3D oversaw all 3-D-related aspects of the episode, from storyboards to digital high definition shooting, visual effects and broadcast encoding.