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You say you want an evolution

As we were planning this redesign, we paged through the bound volumes of Broadcasting & Cable that now stretch back nearly 70 years. We were reminded that this magazine has been continually evolving in what it covers, how it looks and how it is organized. We take another leap forward today with a bold new magazine that is, at once, newsier, more thoughtful and more provocative.

We're particularly excited about the new cover. We feel the name/logo is graphically much stronger. In it, we use a downsized version of our trusty Bolt logo as an ampersand. Think of it as our pledge to remain at the intersection of the major media. We are still Broadcasting & Cable.

If you put a ruler to the cover, you'll find that the magazine is a bit taller and wider. That extra space allows us to keep things inside looser and easier to read without significantly reducing the news hole.

No matter how you feel about rival media in your market, we feel strongly that we are now covering one business. So we reorganized the magazine around disciplines rather than media. Gone are the Broadcasting, Cable and Internet departments. In their place: Programming, Business, Advertising and Technology. The exception is Interactive Media-everything from the next VOD venture to the latest prediction on when video streaming will overtake TV.

Until now, most commentary was confined to the editorial page and rarely allowed to stray. You'll now find it throughout. Check out my new column on what's at stake in the presidential election (page 18). The column will appear every other week, alternating with that of Executive Editor P.J. Bednarski. Other editors will occasionally let you know what they really think about your business, too. The first of our regular outside columnists is Russell Shaw (page 65), who will write on dotcom affairs in the Interactive Media section.

We're expanding Closed Circuit, our "before the fact, behind the scenes" column. It has been renamed BC Eye (page 6), increased to a full page and moved to a more prominent position just behind the Table of Contents.

Two popular and familiar weekly features-Fates & Fortunes and The Fifth Estater-now constitute two-thirds of the new People department. The new third is Facetime, a section that mixes a little light reading with reports on who's taking home the awards and who's making the scene on the non-stop luncheon-and-dinner circuit.

Think of the new Voices section as a forum where everybody has a chance to get in his or her Two Cents (page 84). We'll winnow TV, radio, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and books for the best thoughts about the business each week. And if you want to sound off about an issue or just present a good idea, you can do it in Airtime-our op-ed page-as long you can do it in 500 words.

Joining me on the redesign team were Group Editor in Chief Don West; Bednarski; Art Director Todd Gast; Deputy Editor John Eggerton; Managing Editor Susan Qualtrough; Cahners TV Group Vice President Bill McGorry; Group Publisher Larry Oliver; and Associate Publisher Denise O'Connor. Our thanks go to designer Irasema Rivera, who managed to distill our ideas for the new Broadcasting & Cable into the open, easy-to-read magazine you now hold. I encourage you to let me know what you think. Evolution never stops.