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X Marks Spot for 'Punk' Ads

If the glut of reality shows on TV today isn't enough, add reality ads to the mix.

ESPN will promote its Winter X Games Nine with a series of hidden-camera reality ads featuring some of the athletes who compete in the games.

The campaign, entitled "Not Fearless...but Close," is composed of four, 30-second spots and three, 15-seconds spots and shows practical jokes being played on athletes including snowboarder Tara Dakids and skier CR Johnson.

In addition to the TV spots, a print ad will appear in ESPN The Magazine and, in addition to  the web sites of sponsors of the games. The campaign was created by Ground Zero of Los Angeles.

The Winter X Games will air live on ESPN and ABC Jan. 29-Feb. 1. ESPN first developed the X Games franchise in 1995. The brand now includes international X Games events, EXPN Radio,, X Games skate parks and X Games retail products.

ESPN owner Disney has apparently developed a taste for punking sports figures.

Monday Night Football's halftime show has begun featuring a practical joke played by teammates on a player on one of that night's featured teams.