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WXIN Vehicle Stolen at Vigil for Murder Victim

A WXIN Indianapolis news vehicle was stolen at gunpoint Oct. 14 while a crew covered a prayer vigil. The FOX59 vehicle was found shortly after the incident, several blocks away.

The reporter and photographer who stared down the gunman were unharmed.

Evidence was recovered from the vehicle, reported, including a BB gun that resembled a .45 pistol.

The vigil, on the city's east side, was for Dominic Amey, Jr., who'd been fatally shot. Some felt the perpetrator was attempting to intimidate the media.

"I feel like it was the same perpetrator that did this to my son that also done this to you guys," Jacqueline Beasley, mother of the deceased, told WXIN, "and he was trying to send a subliminal message and using that as a scare tactic. But we're not scared."

No suspects have been named.

Tribune owns WXIN.