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WTSP Tampa Makes Morning News Edgier

WTSP, Tegna’s CBS affiliate in Tampa, Fla., is the latest TV station to shake up the traditional concept of local news by making its morning show faster and buzzier—kind of like the internet.

The overhauled 10News Brightside that debuted Tuesday, first reported in The Tampa Bay Times, included the breadth of changes—new air talent and a new look, as well as an uptick in pace and focus that more closely aligns with social media hubbub.

Viral stories make the news. Anchors are shunning desks, instead walking around the studio, the Times reports.

The moves at WTSP reflect changes being made at a small but growing number of affiliates, as they try to keep pace (and attract viewers) with non-traditional local news. Producing news that is anchor-free and has a TMZ-like feel or heavily incorporates social media are some formats that have debuted.