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WSNS employees vote for AFTRA

On-air employees of NBC's new Chicago Telemundo station WSNS voted 9-0 in
favor of being recognized by the American Federation of Television and Radio
Artists in what AFTRA called a private ballot supervised by religious and
community leaders.

AFTRA, which has sought to be recognized as the Telemundo talent's bargaining
unit by NBC based on a petition signed earlier this year, said the vote was in
response to the call from Larry Wert, the head of NBC's Chicago WMAQ-TV/WSNS
duopoly, for a private ballot on representation.

While Wert and other NBC officials have called for secret ballots, they have
uniformly called for such ballots under procedures mandated by the National
Labor Relations Board.

Neither the AFTRA vote nor its petition was NLRB sanctioned.

Wert said that 'AFTRA continues to advance its agenda and bypass the legal
process, which calls for the NLRB to oversee a private ballot election. This is
a federally recognized procedure put in place to protect the employees from
undue coercion from either side.'

AFTRA leaders counter that such elections give management an opportunity to
exert undue pressure.