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Writers Guild's Mangan to Retire

Mona Mangan, executive director of the Writers Guild of America East, said Wednesday she will retire after 29 years with the union. 

The announcement comes less than two months before the guild's Minimum Basic Agreement contract (MBA) with the TV networks and studios expires Oct. 31. But Mangan has set no timetable and will remain in the job until a successor is found. WGAE has formed a search committee, which Mangan will be part of. She will also stay on for an undetermined "transition period" after her successor has been picked. 

The executive director, a staff position, is effectively the chief administrator for the union and supervises contract negotiations. Chris Albers is president of WGAE, and David Young, executive director of WGA West will be the chief negotiator for the MBA contract talks. 

WGAE and Mangan have also been involved in ongoing and sometimes contentious contract negotiations with CBS and ABC. 

Mangan joined WGAE in 1979 as an assistant executive director. She was named executive director in 1984 and has been involved in a number of MBAs.