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Wright not in AOL Time Warner fight

NBC President Bob Wright said he has no immediate interest in joining Walt Disney Co.'s campaign against America Online's takeover of Time Warner Inc. Disney executives have been meeting with regulators and Congressional staffers to fuel concerns about the amount of power the combined companies would have to thwart access to others'entertainment products, heavily promoting, for example, WB's shows but not ABC's or Warner Bros.' movies.

The company isn't seeking to block the merger but wants the government to set some terms on how competitors should get access to AOL Time Warner's subscribers. But Wright said he isn't joining the fight. "I've had no meetings on this" with regulators, he said. He wouldn't rule out lobbying for guaranteed access later, but, asked if he were inclined to work with Disney and ABC, Wright said "no." Asked if he had any objections to the merger, CBS Chairman Mel Karmazin said only, "AOL gives me a subscription for free!"