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WPVI Has Reception Problems

DTV Transition: Complete Coverage

Philadelphia has experienced significant reception problems since
turning off analog Friday and switching its DTV channel, according to
both numerous viewer posts on its Website and a story from the
station's newscast.

common thread in the complaints is that viewers who were previously
receiving WPVI's digital UHF signal with no problems now can't find the
stations' digital broadcast on VHF Ch. 6, despite having an appropriate
UHF/VHF antenna.

the WPVI news story, FCC engineer Dave Dombrowski said that the problem
could be that the station's power threshold is too low, and suggested
that it may eventually need approval from the FCC to boost its power
"to reach the fringes." But many of the viewers posting Web comments to
WPVI about reception problems indicated that they were within 20 miles
of the transmitter.

WPVI's main switchboard was closed Sunday afternoon. Calls to the ABC owned station group were not returned at press time.

Watch a video segment on the reception problems from WPVI.