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WPRI Poll Brings Good News to Hillary Clinton

There was some good news for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) going into what is widely seen as a make-or-break batch of primaries March 4, and it comes from LIN TV's Providence, R.I., CBS affiliate, WPRI.

While the focus has been on close and delegate-rich races in Texas and Ohio (344 delegates between them), those aren't the only two primaries being contested on that day.

In a new poll just released by WPRI Friday, Clinton leads in Rhode Island (21 delegates at stake), with 49% of those polled saying they would vote for her compared with 40% for her Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.). But there were still 11% undecided, enough to swing the race either way.

The poll, by Fleming & Associates, was of 401 people eligible to vote in the Democratic primary -- either registered Democrats or independents -- polled from Feb. 24-27.