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Working group picked on ownership rules

FCC Chairman Michael Powell created a working group on Monday to develop
factual and analytical bases for new media ownership rules.

The aim of the group is to provide empirical and
theoretical evidence that can be used to create new FCC rules promoting
diversity, localism and competition in the media.

Members of the working group are:

  • Kenneth Ferree, Cable Services Bureau Chief
  • Paul Gallant, special advisor
    to Ferree
  • Nandan Joshi, attorney in the General Counsel's Office
  • Jonathan
    Levy, deputy chief, Office of Plans and Policy
  • Robert Ratcliffe, Mass Media
    Bureau deputy chief
  • David Sappington, chief economist
  • Royce Dickens Sherlock, the cable bureau's deputy chief of policy.

The FCC is under court order to rewrite its cable ownership limits and faces legal challenges to restrictions on broadcast ownership. - Bill McConnell