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Work halted on Alpine tower

Work on the broadcast tower in Alpine, N.J., has been stopped by town
officials due to the absence of proper construction permits.

The work was being done too accommodate five New York City TV stations that
temporarily relocated there after the World Trade Center was destroyed.

Within days after the WTC collapse, the Alpine Tower Co. (which owns the
tower) began erecting temporary antennas necessary to get stations on the

On Friday, Oct. 19, borough officials said the addition of any equipment,
such as new antennas, requires the proper approval before work can begin and
ordered workers to discontinue the work.

On Monday, Oct. 22, a lawyer for Alpine (the company) went before the Board
of Adjustment in Alpine (the town) seeking a variance that would permit the
company to continue work.

He also outlined a plan to extend the tower from 400 ft. to 500 ft., which is
necessary to ensure better TV signal coverage throughout the New York
Metropolitan area.

Also citing additional concerns about higher levels of radiation that have
been detected since the stations arrived last month, Alpine town officials
adjourned the hearing on whether to allow construction to continue until Nov.

Meanwhile, broadcasters have commissioned a feasibility study to determine if
stations can move to permanent facilities on the Empire State