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Women's Vote Unrocked

President George W. Bush and presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) have yet to earn the votes of many women.

A Lifetime Television and Rock the Vote poll released today reveals that neither candidate has paid sufficient attention to the issues that sway women’s votes.
Approximately half the surveyed women say they’ve heard nothing at all from Bush or Kerry on issues such as prevention of violence against women and women’s health issues, access to childcare and equal pay.  Fewer than one in 10 women say they’ve heard a great deal from either candidate on any of those issues. 
Something for both candidates to think about: Women represent 60% of all undecided voters.

The poll also demonstrates that women feel they are less likely to be encouraged to run for office, that many believe a woman will never be elected president, and that women politicians are held to a higher standard than men.