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WNBC Launches 'Daily Connection'

WNBC New York will debut the video clip show Daily Connection Aug. 9 at 12:30 p.m. Sister NBC-owned station WRC Washington debuted Daily Connection last fall; NBC describes the program as "a fully edited program combining the latest news, entertainment, health, consumer and human-interest stories produced by NBC News."

NBC says it will be a "special limited run" of the program on WNBC, which will also air on its New York Nonstop digital channel. WNBC will air a 30-minute edition while WRC airs an hour-long show.

Daily Connection also airs on WMAQ Chicago, and KNBC Los Angeles is airing a limited run this summer. NBC plans to expand the program to its other markets in the coming months.

"We are thrilled to grow our partnership with NBC News," said WNBC VP of News Susan Sullivan. "The Daily Connection program combines the best of national and the best of local -- bringing our audiences compelling, high-quality stories from NBC News with local identity and flair."

The program is comprised of repurposed content from the likes of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, Weather Channel and other entities under the NBC Universal umbrella. "Stories are written, produced and edited by a team in New York and delivered to NBC affiliates," said NBC in a statement. "Anchors at the NBC affiliates broadcast the show live using their own set and control room. The affiliates have the option to customize the program package with local news elements, live reports, weather reporters and guests."

It has long been rumored that WNBC would launch its own version of Daily Connection. WNBC President/General Manager Michael Jack, who knows the program well from his time at WRC, hinted at the possibility a few weeks ago.