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WMGM-TV Selects BroadView

The Linwood, N.J., NBC affiliate WMGM-TV is upgrading its existing traffic and programming software to a unified media management system from BroadView Software.

The station, which is owned by Access 1 Communications, had been using standalone systems to handle various parts of it operation that required significant manual effort and is hoping to see significant cost savings by making the move to BroadView's unified software system.

"With BroadView, we are taking a significant step forward in realizing tremendous advantages over our old methods," said J. Roger Powe III, general sales manager for WMGM in a statement. "WMGM NBC40 has a long history of success in leveraging technology, and this puts us on the media forefront while fulfilling our promise of quality to both our viewers and advertisers."

The upgrade will tie together systems for programming, traffic and sales, creating a unified database that will allow various departments to share information.

The BroadView interface also works with the station's existing Harris automation system and offers a more efficient integration with its master control.

"In addition to the advanced functionality we provide and the workflow advantages these produce, our ‘trifecta' approach combining data conversion and innovative training techniques make this station a model for other broadcasters," noted Michael Atkin, BroadView founding partner and president in a statement.