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WJLA Washington Launches Investigative Unit

Sinclair-owned WJLA Washington has launched the ABC7 On-Your-Side investigative unit. The team will provide "valuable advocacy and aggressive investigative reporting content" for WJLA and cable cousin NewsChannel 8, said Sinclair, focusing on "consumer problems and government waste."

Holly Shannon heads up the unit.

"ABC7 has had a long history in this market of watching out for the little guy," says Mitch Jacob, news director. "Our new investigative team will take this kind of reporting to the next level. We'll be there for our viewers on matters that are important to them."

Reporters include Joce Sterman, Chris Pabst, Kimberly Suiters, Horace Holmes and Jennifer Donelan.

Sinclair acquired WJL A in July. Dan Mellon was named general manager in August.

"This is a big undertaking, but DC and our viewers deserve this type of reporting," said Jacob. "We're going to dig deep into the issues that impact the DC region. "