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WJAR Simulcasts on Radio in Providence

As Providence cleans up post-Irene and residents wait for the electric company to reinstate their power, WJAR Providence will simulcast NBC 10's News at Noon on AM radio WHJJ 920 on Monday. Residents with battery-operated or wind-up radios can then listen to the broadcast's audio.

The newscast will also be streamed live on for those with internet access.

The TV and radio station will continue to work together to keep residents informed on all platforms, said WJAR.

Part of Media General, WJAR encourages viewers to "post questions, information, comments and photos" on Facebook, which stations increasingly relied on to supplement coverage during the hurricane. Sister station WNCT, which had a front row seat for Irene's arrival from its Greenville, N.C. headquarters, posted numerous user generated video clips from Facebook when the station could not air live shots in the early hours of Aug. 28.