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WISC Takes Over WMSN News From Madison Rival

Sinclair's WMSN has ended an agreement dating back to 1999 with Quincy Newspapers station WKOW for WKOW to produce its news. WISC, a Morgan Murphy Media owned CBS affiliate, took over the job as of Jan. 1.

WMSN is a Fox affiliate. Its news runs 9-9:35 p.m.

The switch was previously reported in the Wisconsin State Journal.

"We've enjoyed a long business relationship with Channel 27 and certainly appreciate everything that they did for us over those years, providing a great newscast for the market," Kerry Johnson, WMSN general manager, told the newspaper. "The move to WISC was a business decision."

Tom Bier, WISC vice president and general manager, told Wisconsin State Journal that WMSN initiated the discussions, and said WISC expanded staff as a result. With the new arrangement, WISC has ended the 9 p.m. newscasts it produced on its digital channel.

Bier was officially named WISC GM in November.