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Wipe Out Snipes

Editor: When I first read the story about advertisers wanting to stake their claim to some of the lower-third real estate (“The Battle for the Lower Third,” Aug. 11), I basically said—oh crap!

Don't the so-called network executives pay any attention to all of the complaints that exist against all of that screen clutter? Seems not, since it just gets worse.

For a long time, we HD viewers were free of screen clutter. Now the clutter is just as bad on the HD channels as it is on the SD channels. has an [area] that is specifically focused on the complaints by HD viewers. I even have a Web page dedicated to complaining about it (

Doesn't anyone get it? We do not want this crap on our screens. We want to watch the program. It is bad enough that an hour show barely has 42 minutes of actual show content. To add screen clutter just adds insult to injury.

I'm actively searching for other ways to see the networks shows I want to see in HD. That means clean feeds and Blu-ray releases. Yep, that means I won't see the shows right away, but when I do watch them, they will be clutter-free and have the real closing credits. I will be watching less and less network TV. So far, Fox and ABC do not have screen clutter. When they do, they'll lose my eyeballs there as well.

The TV networks had better wake up real soon; otherwise they won't have any viewers left, having pissed them all off with all that screen clutter.

Mike Brown
Madison, Wis.