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White House Plugs 'Apply, Buy and Try' on DTV Transition

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White House press secretary Dana Perino noted before the morning briefing Monday that it was 90 days until the DTV transition date of Feb. 17, 2009, and passed the Department of Commerce's "apply, buy and try" advisory encouraging viewers to take action.

Perino did not get any questions from reporters about the transition during the ensuing press conference, which focused mostly on a potential auto industry bail-out and what President Bush would be doing with his lame duck period.

Following, from a transcript supplied by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (the Commerce Dept. agency overseeing the DTV-to analog converter box subsidy), is Perino's announcement about the transition:

"One thing just to make sure that you're aware of, from the Department of Commerce:  Today we are now just three months from the transition to digital television, which will take place on February 17th.  Households watching TV over the air on analog sets will need to take action soon to ensure their sets don't go dark.  

"The Department of Commerce has been working very hard to get the word out to people, and they encourage Americans who will be impacted to go to a website that is before the end of the year, where they can get a coupon to get a converter box, buy a box and test it out and make sure that they're all set to watch their favorite programs on February 17."