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White House Nominates Three To CPB Board

Word is that the White House has finally come up with the three nominees to fill the vacancies on the nine-member Corporation for Public Broadcast board.

They are said to be former Senator David Pryor, Chris Boskin of KQED San Francisco, both expected to be named, and conservative National Review contributor Warren Bell, who is something of a surprise. CPB did not have a bio on him at press time, though he is a TV writer and producer on such shows as Coach,Ellen, and According to Jim.

Clinton-appointed CPB board member and former Chairman Katherine Anderson exited the board in February after eight years.

Her term is up this year, but she could have stayed through the end of the year or until a replacement was appointed.

Her departure left the board with only six members for nine slots and two long-standing vacancies. The White House was even then said to be preparing to nominate former Arkansas Senator David Pryor and noncommercial KQED San Francisco board member Chris Boskin.

Pryor's nomination has been at the White House since last July. He is seen as a tough but fair moderate who could bring more Blue State backbone to the board. Clue: He was the dean of the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark., before exiting Feb. 15.

The Senate has yet to receive official notice of the nominations, according to a CPB source, after which it will schedule a confirmation hearing.

The board has been instituting new oversight policies in the wake of CPB Inspector General criticisms of hiring and outside contracting practices. That investigation stems back to the tenure of then board Chairman Ken Tomlinson, who was heavily criticized for trying to add conservative programming to balance what he said was a liberal bias.