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Where to be & what to watch…

Monday, oct. 6

Just when you thought the convention season was long gone, Reinvention Convention goes down at Pier Sixty in Manhattan. The women's empowerment confab features a lunch panel moderated by Cybill Shepherd, a Fashion Master Class with Isaac Mizrahi and insights from Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams. For empowerment-seeking individuals of a certain age and address, American Women in Radio & Television holds its Educational Donation Ceremony at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Chicago, handing out materials from its Empowering America campaign. And for the empowerment of all ages, genders and regions, former NBC News correspondent Martin Savidge debuts his Worldfocus newscast on public television.

Tuesday, Oct. 7

CBS Corp. President/CEO Leslie Moonves, and CBS Interactive CEO Quincy Smith and President Neil Ashe, discuss the Eye's digital plans with investors, such as what to do with CNET. The Webcast starts at 4:30 p.m. ET, with a Q&A to follow. Speaking of interactivity, Set Top Box 2008 is on at the Doubletree in San Jose. Intel Digital Home director Genevieve Bell gives the keynote “Loving TV: What Consumers Really Want From Consumer Electronics.” On the tube, NFL/Sopranos vet Tony Siragusa kicks off the second season of Man Caves on DIY at 9. The endomorphic “Goose” and contractor bud Jason Cameron help create the ultimate guy hangouts. This season features the dens of iniquity belonging to Howard Stern'sshow-mates.

Wednesday, Oct. 8

How well did Kevin Martin's early DTV transition go in Wilmington last month? The Society of Telecommunications Engineers finds out when it holds its Post-DTV Transition Trial—Lessons Learned session. Time Warner Cable, PBS and the mayor of Wilmington share insights in the 2 p.m. Webcast. Speaking of tricky transitions, BBC America takes a look at the case of a British soldier, Ian, who undergoes sex-change surgery to become Jan. Dramatic fallout ensues. The Stateside Beeb airs Sex Change Soldier at 9.

Thursday, Oct. 9

How much envelope-pushing, gross-out potential does this rookie have? It's from South Park writer Kenny Hotz. It's on FX. It's called Testees, for crissakes. The fledgling comedy looks at a couple of nuts who make a living as test subjects for a drug company. Testees rolls at 10:30. Speaking of debuts, Jerry Bruckheimer's latest effort Eleventh Hour sounds like CSI meets House meets X Files, as a “brilliant biophysicist…investigates scientific crises and oddities” for the government. It's on CBS at 10. Over on ABC, Michael Imperioli sports a sweet Fu Manchu as he plays Detective Ray Carling in Life on Mars at 10. Both Eleventh and Mars are based on British series.

Friday, Oct. 10

Talk about your black humor—hard-hitting funnyman Lewis Black winds them up at Town Hall in New York, the latest stop on his Let Them Eat Cake tour. On the tube, The N has the season premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation at 8, and USA offers a new batch of Debra Messing in The Starter Wife at 9. And what's more Starter Wife than a quick hop to Cannes? Mipcom Junior starts tomorrow at the Carlton Hotel. Be sure to justify those fun-and-sun expenses by checking out Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami's keynote on Sunday.