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Where to be & what to watch…

Monday, Sept. 1

September is here, and the struggling CW network makes its case that it belongs on the dial with the big boys. As our school kids ponder their dreaded return to class, The CW airs the season premiere of high school drama Gossip Girl, starring Blake Lively, at 8 p.m. ET. For more gossip, the Republican National Convention is on in St. Paul; thousands of media types hustle to ferret out “news” amidst what Shep Smith artfully called the “ginormous infomercial” that a convention represents.

Tuesday, Sept. 2

Ah, remakes. Viewers didn't go for the Bionic Woman redux, they seem moderately psyched for a Knight Rider redo, and they desperately want to see a redone A-Team (OK, maybe that's just us). How will The CW's ballyhooed 90210 fare? The Wire gangsta-with-a-heart Tristan Wilds joins Beverly Hills alum Shannen Doherty when 90210 premieres at 8. For a different side of Los Angeles, FX kicks off the final season of The Shield at 10. Michael Chiklis et al. take one final stab at ridding L.A. of drugs and thugs. And if you don't recall Chiklis playing the hootch-chugging, prostitute-patronizing dolt in the 1991 Seinfeld episode “The Stranded,” get reacquainted with the Show About Nothing canon as the Seinfeld Campus Tour Bus rolls into Boston. We're not sure why they chose Boston…as Spinal Tap manager Ian Faith once said, “It's not a big college town.”

Wednesday, Sept. 3

Virtual Worlds Hollywood, featuring “rich storytelling and engagement on a level impossible with other forms of entertainment media,” is on at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Today's keynoter is Lightstorm Entertainment über-producer Jon Landau. On the tube, Sci Fi offers a new season of Ghost Hunters at 9, as Casper-graspers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson suspend their day jobs as plumbers to scope out a new batch of apparitions. Speaking of shadowy organizations, FX seeks to continue its run of creative originals with Sons of Anarchy, an “adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club.” Anarchy begins at 10.

Thursday, Sept. 4

Virtual Worlds offers the session How TV Networks Are Effectively Using Virtual Worlds, featuring Showtime VP/Executive Producer Christopher Lucas, and a look at the future of virtual reality in entertainment with Heroes creator Tim Kring. Across the country, the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) hosts its Forecast Conference at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in Midtown Manhattan. Campaign Media Analysis Group COO Evan Tracey dishes on whether political spending in the next two months will make or break your budget.

Friday, Sept. 5

As he approaches 100 episodes on National Geographic, Cesar Millan hosts Dog Whisperer: Dueling Pit Bulls at 8. “The episode contains graphic footage of dogs fighting that may be upsetting,” warns Nat Geo, “but the valuable life lessons about dogs and finding your inner strength are truly powerful.” Speaking of bloody battles, don't forget that True Blood, starring Anna Paquin, premieres Sunday at 9 on HBO. “Thou shall not crave thy neighbor,” the show admonishes, though we think it's OK to have them over for a Bloody Mary when the vampire drama rolls.