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Where to be and what to watch…

Monday, Aug. 27

Tom Green claws his way out of the Where Are They Now? file, as the goateed gagster offers up a new season of homespun comedy from his living room. Green’s fresh batch of hijinx debuts on at 11 p.m. ET. And will Ryan Sheckler, like Green so many years ago, springboard from anonymity to an MTV show to a short-lived marriage to a celebrity...and a show shot in his living room? Life of Ryan, about the teen skateboard phenom and his charmed California life, debuts on MTV at 10:30. Then, for us working stiffs, it’s the Media Buying Academy’s Bootcamp—the “world’s only real-world, hands-on, this-is-how-you-do-it, media buying course”—at the Country Inn in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, Aug. 28

What’s all that racquet? Indeed, the finest tennis players in the world are in Queens for the U.S. Open, as Maria Sharapova looks to defend her title. USA has the action at 11 a.m. The only thing that sounds better than spending late August baking in the bleachers in Queens is spending late August in Hot-lanta. But the good people of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association For Multi-Ethnicity in Communications make it worthwhile with The Art of Networking & Social Etiquette at Weather Channel headquarters. Speakers include Turner Broadcasting VP Hayes Fountain. Speaking of social etiquette—or a glaring lack thereof—Bob Saget’s HBO debut “That Ain’t Right” comes out on DVD today. Don’t let Full House fool you—Saget’s bluer than Smurfette.

Wednesday, Aug. 29

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s New Orleans devastation, CNN offers up Children of the Storm. Soledad O’Brien and Spike Lee team up with local teens for a documentary at 8. And here are a couple fun things to do involving big screens and New York. The Museum of the Moving Image offers up food, music and a pair of foreign films at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. Elsewhere in Queens (has New York’s fourth favorite borough ever gotten so much ink in B&CWeek before?), the New York Mets face off against the Phillies, and the famed Ziegfeld Theater across the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan shows all the action. Mr. Met tosses out the t-shirts, free tickets and no shortage of high fives.

Thursday, Aug. 30

If you’re riding only one bus this summer, make it this bus. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast, including the toothsome Kaitlin Olson, is rolling cross-country in advance of the season premiere on FX, pulling into the University of Southern California today. Enjoy a drink at the faux Paddy’s bar on McCarthy Quad between 11 and 4. The caravan then heads east, but will have to hurry to hit the Wisconsin Cable Communications Association’s annual meeting today and tomorrow at the Hilton Madison. Finally, Biography Channel wraps up its weekly litany of fresh Famous biographies. Kevin Kline, showcasing the star of A Fish Called Wanda, premieres at 11 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 31

Has it really been 10 years since Princess Diana passed away? WE marks the anniversary with a Diana marathon, featuring the NBC News-produced Diana Revealed at 8. On a lighter note, Tak and the Power of Juju transforms from video game to series with a premiere on Nickelodeon. Tune in at 8 to see what sort of trouble the loincloth-wearing shaman’s assistant from the Pupununu tribe gets into. Patrick Warburton throws his inimitable deadpan into the voice of Tak’s pal Lok, so some degree of hilarity is assured.