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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, July 24

How long can man survive on hot hotel grub and lukewarm TV pilots? We'll soon find out, as the Television Critics Association's yearly shindig hits week three at the Pasadena Ritz-Carlton. Fox Entertainment Prez Peter Liguori starts off the Foxies' session; then, it's the sound of the men…working on the chain…gaaaaang, as the Prison Break boys, including exec producer Paul Scheuring and star Wentworth Miller, shuffle onstage after lunch. And what goes on behind the scenes at a New York tabloid, besides drinking bitter coffee, gorging on chicken parm heroes, and plotting ways to make the other New York tabloids' lives miserable? Find out on the premiere of Tabloid Wars on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

Tuesday, July 25

The Fox follies continue, as Jerry Bruckheimer discusses his procedural drama Justice. Then Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe fight to the death to decide who's the better snarky English exec producer/judge on a Fox talent show. Out in the Windy City, Internet-marketing guru Hunter Hastings, CEO of EMM Group, delivers the keynote “How Marketing Will Save Itself” at the Ad Tech summit at the Chicago Sheraton. And whatever happened to suave ol' Dr. Drew Pinsky, formerly of MTV's Loveline and most recently seen as the Olsen twins' dad in New York Minute? Pinsky kicks off Strictly Dr. Drew on Discovery Health at 10. How did that guy never end up on ER?

Wednesday, July 26

PBS gets its day in the sun at TCA. PBS Kids leads off, as William H. Macy unveils a new Curious George series, and George shows critics how to make origami boats out of PBS press releases. Then network prez Paula Kerger discusses the future of public broadcasting, before filmmaker Ric Burns chats about his Andy Warhol documentary. Where Warhol worked in Campbell's Soup labels, Morgan Spurlock worked in Big Mac wrappers. The Super Size auteur kicks off a new season of 30 Days at 10 p.m. on FX. And the National Association of Broadcasters' Management Development Seminar for Television Executives is under way at Northwestern University in Illinois.

Thursday, July 27

At last, TCA winds to a close. Emmy winner Allison Argo speaks about “these beleaguered animals who have suffered in the name of human causes.” No, it's not the critics she's talking about but PBS doc Chimpanzee: An Unnatural History. Never one to shy away from unnatural histories, Sci Fi offers up Who Wants To Be a Superhero? at 9 p.m., which sees comic-book guy Stan Lee pick the next big superhero creator. Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Wayne Newton, velvety vocal stylist and Ally McBeal alum, ventures outside Vegas city limits (hope he remembers to feed his penguins!) to perform at B.B. King's in Manhattan. Elsewhere in NYC, the Comedy Central Punchlines take on the Controllers of HBO in softball in Central Park.

Friday, July 28

Mash-ups are all the rage these days, say our street-level contacts (a.k.a. our interns). There's the Brokeback to the Future clip, Jay-Z and Linkin Park's collab, and of course old standby chocolate and peanut butter. The craze hits TV as Disney throws three hit shows into a blender, presses Frappe, and comes up with That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, premiering at 8:30 p.m. And some writer guy with a crazy wife once said there were no second acts in life. But that was before cable TV. ABC castoff Night Stalker gets reborn on Sci Fi tonight at 8 p.m. Better luck this time!