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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, June 19

What does the future of TV hold? Tell your boss to send you to Denmark to find out. The Future TV Show goes off in Copenhagen, with industry soothsayers like Peter Cowley, Endemol director of digital media, and Patrick Walker, Google Video head of content development, giving a peek into their crystal balls. One thing we do know about the future of TV: It'll have a lot more Megan Mullally in it when her chat show debuts this fall. MM emcees the Gracies tonight at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan (how's that for alliteration?), hosted by the American Women in Radio & Television. Ann Curry gets an award for Katrina coverage, and Lisa Kudrow for her short-but-apparently-sweet work on The Comeback.

Tuesday, June 20

It's Promax, the big annual TV-marketing conference at the Marriott Marquis in New York. Catch today's keynote from CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, a “High-Def Jam” presented by Voom HD Networks General Manager Greg Moyer, and B&C's and Multichannel News' Brand Builder Awards, too (see page 21). And if your idea of a summer block party is ambrosia, cans of PBR and those drunks from down the block beating each other bloody, maybe it's time to upgrade. Food Network offers al fresco imbibing tips with Rachael Ray's Block Party
at 10 p.m. ET.

Wednesday, June 21

As Promax madness enters its second day, author Malcolm Gladwell shares insights on tipping, blinking and other life essentials, and Television Century awards are given to Lifetime Entertainment CEO Betty Cohen and newsmen Mike Wallace and Larry King. Another storied newsman pops up in a different neck of the woods, as Al Roker hosts a benefit for Calvary Hospital at the Pierre hotel in Manhattan. Tickets are $750, but the booze is free. And the single-malt Scotch will be flowing—as will the Scottish accents—when USA airs AFI Lifetime Achievement Award: A Tribute to Sean Connery at 9 p.m. Michael Myers and Craig Ferguson share their sly wit.

Thursday, June 22

Know a lot about sports? Live anywhere near Hollywood, Fla.? If the answer to both questions is “yes,” “maybe,” or even “sort of,” show up at Rivals Waterfront Sports Grille and try to stump the Schwab. If you know as much jock trivia as ESPN research guru Howie Schwab, you might just end up on the next season of Stump the Schwab. Elsewhere in the sporting world, the U.S. soccer team, with Landon Donovan pacing the attack, faces Ghana in World Cup action on ESPN at 9:55 a.m. ET. If we don't win, we're a-gone-a, too. (Yes, that's another yellow card for B&C Week.) And a very happy birthday to 60 Minutes mainstay Ed Bradley, who turns the big 6-5.

Friday, June 23

The third annual Digital Media Conference kicks off, and it's not that far from Washington! DMC 2006 happens at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Va., which the flack-attack says is just 15 miles from downtown Washington. Stay off the Ambien and you're there in a flash. AOL Media Networks President Michael Kelly and Discovery Networks International President Dawn McCall make the trip worthwhile. And since you're already in Tysons Corner, you might as well schlep over to the Intercontinental Holiday Inn for the final day of the inaugural P2P Media Summit, focusing on peer-to-peer file-sharing. Then it's over to the Tysons Corner Chili's for a little more peer-to-peer sharing. First round's on us!—Michael Malone