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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, Jan. 30

How best to find a sugar daddy for your next TV project? Find out at the International Film & TV Finance Summit, which kicks off today at the Loews Santa Monica Hotel (Calif.). Industry experts share “strategies and methods used by producers and financiers to secure development and production finance.” Speaking of closing the deal with a well-heeled partner, In Style: Celebrity Weddings is unveiled on ABC (9 p.m. ET), offering a glimpse at the nuptials of Page Six pairs such as Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Heidi Klum and Seal, and Food Network chef Bobby Flay and Stephanie March—better known as A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order: SVU.

Tuesday, Jan. 31

Tuesday is video day on Capitol Hill, with a morning Senate Commerce Committee hearing on video franchising, then an afternoon session on access to video content. This is a fitting warm-up for President Bush's State of the Union address (9 p.m. ET), airing just about everywhere except the Playboy Channel. Speaking of guys who followed in Dad's footsteps, this dude's father had a long NFL career, and now the kid's going to the Super Bowl! Ah, the charmed life of Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck. The gridiron star shares his deepest secrets in high-def on HDNet's Face 2 Face With Roy Firestone (10 p.m. ET). Face 2 Face gives equal time to Steeler battering ram Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. Will Firestone reduce them to tears, as he does the rest of his bawlin' baller guests?

Wednesday, Feb. 1

The Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Ariz. is the site, and Media Madness: Revolution or Evolution is the theme. It's the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) Research Conference, offering up intellectual capital on “measurement, advertising, interactivity and audience fragmentation” today through Friday. And because there's just not enough dancing on television these days, PBS unveils America's Ballroom Challenge (8 p.m. ET). The show is hosted by Marilu Henner, who, way before she was Elaine on Taxi, was an avid student of ballet, learning the craft in her mother's studio in the garage.

Thursday, Feb. 2

Live, from New Yorkthe Museum of Television & Radio celebrates Saturday Night Live and NBC Universal Chairman/CEO Bob Wright at the Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom. Wright will share his thoughts about what's made SNL a cultural icon for three decades … and why Lorne Michaels continues to greenlight those “I'm Carol!” skits. And it's been two long months since the last installment, but reality granddaddy Survivor is back on CBS (8 p.m. ET). Not much is known about the cast, except that several are attractive, with very white teeth. True to its Exile Island locale in Panama, some will reportedly be banished for a spell on a lonely island—with no Snickers bars, Cheez Whiz or whatever other product placement Mark Burnett has lined up for this season.

Friday, Feb. 3

Hard to imagine, but tonight's The Bernie Mac Show on Fox (8 p.m. ET) is No. 100 for the Mac pack. Bernie celebrates the century mark by crashing the bar mitzvah of a neighbor—and eyeing up some well-stocked gift bags. Not to be confused with Bernie Mac, Bernard Black is the boozy bookstore owner in dark sitcom Black Books on BBC America. There's a three-episode mini-marathon, starring Irish comic Dylan Moran, starting at 11:30 p.m. ET. It's the hippest bookstore-themed sitcom since, well, Stacked.

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