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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, May 9

Did you miss last night's premiere of CBS' four-hour Elvis miniseries? Not to worry!
Viacom has declared this “Elvis Week.”
And, besides, you know how the Presley story
turns out: His posthumously acquired former son-in-law is on trial in
California for young- skewing predilections
even creepier than the Memphis
cradlerobber's. CBS' Presley promotional campaign ranges from an insert in
the People
mag out today (an audio chip plays a no-doubt-annoying bit of “Blue Suede
Shoes” and an ad for CBS' King-related programming) to an “Elvis”
category on Friday's Jeopardy! (Alex, what
is: A grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich?

Tuesday, May 10

It might be Elvis Week on CBS, but that doesn't mean they've lost
their heads and cancelled the Amazing Race 7 season finale (9 p.m. ET).
This may be the only reality TV show where almost everyone in the audience
briefly kicks around the idea of trying out. You wouldn't want to make an ass
of yourself singing on TV, you couldn't stomach toadying to
Donald Trump, you don't see the attraction
of enduring weeks of island homelessness, and you can't be sure that the
makeover maniacs wouldn't turn you or your house into a monstrosity. But zip
around the world for days on end, butting heads with people except when
you're trying to smile for the cameras, all for a shot at a million
bucks—why not? After all, Condi Rice does it
for a government salary.

Wednesday, May 11

When it comes to plundering the last-century vaults for programming
topics, CBS ain't got nothin' on Court TV.
While Elvis (with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as EP) winds up tonight (8 p.m. ET)
with its second two-hour installment, Court TV reaches into the 1930s for the
special The Lindbergh Kidnapping
Investigation Re-opened
(9 p.m. ET). “Forensic
experts,” says the flackmail, will “go on a painstaking investigative
journey back in time.” Pardon us while we contact those Human Genome people to see if the gene pool can be
tweaked now to avoid the birth of the TV executive who would commission “The
Robert Blake & Scott Peterson Investigations Re-opened” in 2075.

Thursday, May 12

In the grand ballroom at the Waldorf
tonight, they're serving macher salad: The “co-chairs” of the
International Radio & Television Society
's Gold Medal dinner in New York are
Jeff Bewkes (chairman, Time Warner Entertainment & Networks group,
Peter Chernin (News
president and COO), Tom
and Leslie Moonves
(Viacom co-presidents and co-COOs),
Anne Sweeney (co-chairman,
Disney Media Networks), and
Bob Wright (NBC
chairman and CEO). The theme: “Saluting Top Media
Agencies.” How much tables cost: $12,500 to $25,000. Note to attendees: See
the Money Talks column by B&C's
John Higgins on page 8, then check out the
Freston-Moonves body language tonight.

Friday, May 13

Mr. Moonves' network keeps clinging to The
with the docutainment Elvis by the Presleys (CBS, 8 p.m. ET),
featuring family movies and interviews with Priscilla'n'Lisa Marie. Also
tonight, Star Trek:
(UPN, 7 p.m.
ET) finishes its run, which means that for the first time in 18 years there
will be no descendants of Kirk, Spock & Co. putting new shows on the air.
In other words, Elvis is still performing on TV, but Star Trek has left the building.

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