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Where to be and what to watch…

Monday, Nov. 5

Entering its 182nd year on the air, 60 Minutes is relevant as ever—even if that Sarkozy guy didn't see fit to stick around until the end of his interview. The Center for Communication offers “What's Ticking at 60 Minutes?” with producer Michael Rosenbaum, from the CBS News studio on West 57th Street. Down south, Management World Americas is on at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Dallas, with a peek at “streaming media on demand, IPTV, quad play and more.” And on the tube, Nickelodeon offers “Dora the Explorer as you've never seen her before” (is it us, or did that sound a wee bit inappropriate?) in an hour-long primetime movie. Dora and Boots are cleaning the beach when a singing clam tells them about the Mermaid Kingdom at the bottom of the ocean…which we think is just a few blocks east of Bikini Bottom. Dora Saves the Mermaids airs at 7 p.m. ET.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

She kicked butt on The Shield. She's nasty on Damages. She was cruel to dogs in 101 Dalmatians and crueler to rabbits in Fatal Attraction. Get close to Glenn Close when the Paley Center in New York features “An Evening With Glenn Close.” Elsewhere in Gotham, the New York Comedy Festival kicks off, with Rosie O'Donnell dusting off her comic chops at Lincoln Center. Back at Management World, Time Warner Cable's EVP/CTO Mike LaJoie keynotes. And finally, The Best of the Colbert Report is out on DVD. Highlights of Comedy Central's “it-getter, flagophile and four-star American hero” include a light-sabre duel with George Lucas.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

With the presidential death match less than a year away, New Yorker scribe Andy Borowitz hosts “Countdown to the Election” at the 92nd Street Y in New York, with insights from 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin and former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca. Further downtown, Conan O'Brien hosts “Stand Up for Heroes” at Town Hall. It's a benefit for The Bob Woodruff Family Fund, which raises money for the families of injured soldiers. Bruce Springsteen will be jamming, and event chairs are a veritable Who's Who of media: Peter and Megan Chernin, Bob Iger and Willow Bay, Leslie Moonves and Julie Chen, Richard and Laura Parsons, and Jeff and Caryn Zucker.

Thursday, Nov. 8

The Electronic House Expo, showcasing the latest and greatest in home electronics, is underway at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. Across the country, USA Today is hosting the lunchtime panel “News Versus Trivia: Is Celebrity Journalism Replacing the News?” at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. Down the West Side Highway a bit, the Future of Television goes down at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Check out “Global TV & the Emergence of Worldwide Content Distribution Networks,” with commentary from YouTube's Jordan Hoffner, and a keynote from Sundance Channel boss Larry Aidem. Finally, Denis Leary fills the Comedy Fest room with wit, invective and perhaps a little smoke.

Friday, Nov. 9

TiVo President/CEO Tom Rogers keynotes at the Future of Television wingding, while Rainbow Media President/CEO Josh Sapan talks about the Future of HD. And this sounds like a bit of fun: The Paley Center hosts “The Writers of The Late Show With David Letterman.” Head scribes Justin and Eric Stangel are scheduled to be there, but should the writers get jammed up, worry not— Sirajul and Mujibur have promised to take their place.