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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, July 4

A fireworks duel! No, it's not Roman candles at 10 paces, it's NBC's Macy's Fourth of July Spectacular from New York vs. CBS' The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. It's the East River vs. the Charles River. Al Roker vs. Harry Smith. Mariah “Emancipation of Mimi” Carey vs. Gretchen “Redneck Woman” Wilson. Sorry Beantown, but unlike the Yankees-Red Sox post-season series last fall, this time the nod goes to NYC—they're on the air an hour earlier, at 9 p.m. (ET), when the ooh-ah factor is still fresh. Plus: NBC promises that “an armed forces tribute will feature firework shells never before seen in the United States,” which sounds truly spectacular. And dangerous. Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain is in London today, letting revolutionary bygones be bygones. He's delivering the Alistair Cooke Memorial Lecture (title: “An American Patriot Today”), which will be broadcast on the BBC's Radio 4 and World Service. Maybe some expats will invite McCain over for a little barbecue and bottle rocketry.

Tuesday, July 5

MTV launches The '70s House tonight (10:30 ET), dumping 12 young guys and gals (18-24) in a totally Seventiesfied house (mucho avocado-hued décor), saddling them with bell bottoms and bad hairstyles, and then gradually eliminating those who reveal that they've failed to embrace the decade sufficiently. We'll give five bucks to the first contestant who really plugs into the era and sits around dreaming of a TV channel that plays music videos 24 hours a day. Oops—people do that now, too.

Wednesday, July 6

Comedian Carlos Mencia's blog entry for Dec. 6, 2004: “I just finished taping a pilot for Comedy Central. I know that I am supposed to feel something, either good or bad, but I really don't. Maybe it is age or maybe I am jaded, but I am numb to my emotions regarding the show. Why lie, I know exactly why I feel this way. The truth is I am not always understanding of how show business works.” Sounds kind of alarmingly Chappelleian, doesn't it? Nonetheless, Mind of Mencia's premiere is slated for tonight on Comedy Central (10:30 ET). Good luck, everybody!

Thursday, July 7

Attention, Tommy Hilfiger fans: Don't tune into CBS tonight at 8 (ET) looking for The Cut. The designer-search reality show was bumped to Wednesdays to make room for the house-arrest reality show Big Brother 6. Six? Since this whole George Orwell thing is obviously working out so well, it's about time some hotshot producer proposed Animal Farm: Unscripted. Oh, wait. The “some animals are more equal than others” idea is already in play in Hollywood. That's what the WGA West is railing about on behalf of reality-TV writers and editors, the poor schmucks.

Friday, July 8

A 17-city Apprentice publicity, er, “casting” tour pulls into Trump Tower in New York City today at 8 a.m. as NBC undertakes a fourth run of the Donald Trump showcase. “Trump himself will interview applicants,” promises the flackogram, although somehow we're skeptical. You'll need to bring along a completed application form (downloadable at if you want to compete—and we're not making this up, it really says this—“for one of the most coveted jobs on earth.”

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