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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, March 14

A panel discussion called “The Other Side of News: Journalism in the
Age of Terrorism” at the Foreign Press
in New York today might
actually turn kinda feisty, given that the participants include lefty journo
Amy Goodman, media critic
Rory O'Connor of,Fox
producer Camilla Webster and
U.S. Army Public Affairs Specialist
Chet Marcus. The invitation from the
organizers, New York Women in Film &
, bears a yellow-highlighted warning: “All Press Must Be
Confirmed in Advance.” Not to worry! Nobody's coming—they've all been
deployed to the Santa Barbara County
courthouse in California for that highest-priority journalistic matter in these
days of war and terror: The Michael Jackson

Tuesday, March 15

Ten years ago, when the Consumer Electronics
began hosting an HDTV Summit, high-definition television
was just pie in the sky—although you could see the crumbs in
amazing detail. Now HD's really, truly
rolling across the land (OK, still kind of slowly) and the CEA's two-day
conference beginning today at the Washington Convention
is understandably tinged with nostalgia. There's the
Digital Television Pioneer Awards luncheon today, and the first annual Digital
Patriots dinner (Digital Patriots: heroes of the consumer-electronics industry,
or an NFL cable package in
New England?). Tonight: Glenn Close takes over as new precinct captain Monica
Rawling on The Shield
(FX premiere, 10 p.m. ET). Don't push that
Michael Chiklis character too far, Glenn. At
his house, boiled bunny is just another name for rabbit stew. Shameless
B&C plug: Our own
Executive Editor Mark Robichaux moderates
panel discussion “Court TV: Guilty
Pleasure” at Fordham Law School in New York
at 7 p.m. (for details, call 212-686-5005). The all-Court TV talkers include
on-air talent Catherine Crier and CEO
Henry Schleiff. And it's free!

Wednesday, March 16

Now that Discovery Channel has been
repositioned as the Boys With Toys Network (Monster Garage! American Chopper!),
National Geographic Channel can virtuously
claim to be the preeminent TV home for the wonders of the natural world. Or at
least they'll probably be selling that line tonight at the advertising
upfront at the Metrazur restaurant in
Grand Central Terminal in New York.

Thursday, March 17

Put your pencils down and quit filling out brackets for the office
NCAA pool. March Madness begins today, when
CBS begins broadcasting at noon (ET) for five
hours, then takes a two-hour break to towel off before returning for a 7
p.m.-to-midnight run. (If you don't have the Sean
-equipped University of North
in the Final Four, you're nuts.) Also tonight: The
premiere of E! Hollywood Hold
(10 p.m. ET), which involves actors playing poker.
Wait, “Hollywood Hold 'Em”—wasn't that the working title for
E! Entertainment's Michael Jackson trial

Friday, March 18

Reality-show dragnet alert: USA Network
begins trolling today for participants in a new “unscripted” show called
Made in the
Premise: Inventors. Make things. Face challenges.
Eliminations. One team wins. Gets to sell stuff on Home
Shopping Network
. The first open call is in Chicago today, from 11
a.m. to 4 p.m., at Brody, Tenner & Paskal Casting. Just
think of how far Thomas Edison could have
gone if he'd had HSN's wind in his sails.

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