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Where to be and what to watch...

Monday, February 28

Ah, to be a media investor at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach today. While your buddies in New York are trudging to work through grey slush, you can order room-service breakfast, maybe hit the spa or play some golf—it's only polite, after all, to allow the mercury to achieve the delightful 78 degrees forecasted before hitting the beach—and then mayb-Rrrrrrrring! Wake-up call! Downstairs for the Bear Sterns & Co. media conference at 7:30 a.m., you lazy toad! Ad-agency titan and junket spoilsport Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive officer, WPP Group, kicks off three days of briefings for investors with the wakey-wakey keynote. At least Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone has the decency to wait until after lunch to start putting the best face on the company's recent $18 billion write-off and rhapsodize about the possibilities of MTV Africa.

Tuesday, March 1

NYPD Blue has been fading to a sort of aqua for some time, but tonight's finale—winding up a dozen years on the air—gives Dennis Franz & Co. one last chance at a Tuesday-night ratings streetfight [B&C columnist Matt Roush's tribute is on page 54]. The 10 p.m. (ET) throwdown pits the ABC cops against the premiere of Amazing Race 7 on CBS and Law & Order: SVU on NBC. David Caruso will just be glad when the series finally ends and he won't have to be reminded every freakin' week that he could have been pulling down CSI: Miami-style paychecks for a decade.

Wednesday, March 2

David Byrne delivers the 2005 Marshall McLuhan Lecture—free and open to the public!—at New York University in the Kimmel (not Jimmy) Center Auditorium at 6:30 this evening. The former Talking Heads maestro's topic? “I love PowerPoint.” Given that one of Byrne's PowerPoint-parodying works includes an endlessly repeated outline of Dan Rather's head, this event likely will have better CBS representation than the William S. Paley Festival—named for the founder of CBS—at the Los Angeles branch of the Museum of Television & Radio (founder: Bill Paley). The festival starts tonight, lasts until March 16, and includes screenings and audience Q&A sessions to fete a bevy of TV stalwarts, from the reunited cast of In Living Color to that big ol' Sapphic slumber party on Showtime known as The L Word. But CBS content? Feh.

Thursday, March 3

A moment, please, for Jerry Orbach. His death in December marked, for all intents and purposes, the vanishing of that gloriously oxymoronic entertainment figure, the hardboiled song-and-dance man. Ever the trouper, Orbach reeled off three episodes of Law & Order: Trial by Jury before passing away. This latest entry in the L&O product line previews tonight on NBC (10 p.m. ET), then slips into its regular Friday slot tomorrow.

Friday, March 4

Synergy alert! Fox brings us a very special presentation of Assembling “Robots”: The Magic, the Music and the Comedy. (8 p.m. ET), a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 20th Century Fox animated feature that will begin accepting your box-office donations at theaters nationwide next Friday.

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