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Where to be and what to watch…

Monday, Jan. 3

“Destructive.” “Insensitive.” “Offensive.” “Money-grubbing.” Hard words? Yes, but when they come from a grassroots effort denouncing a new TV show, they amount to the world’s greatest viral ad campaign. Adoption advocates are disgusted with tonight’s Fox reality show Who’s Your Daddy?
(8 p.m. ET), which challenges a woman who was an adopted child to identify her biological father in a lineup. (Here’s hoping Dad doesn’t mutter to the guy next to him, “Don’t try to throw your voice. It just annoys the detectives.”) No doubt the protest stirs fond memories at Fox of the good-as-gold ire directed at Married…With Children long ago. OK, kids, now let’s play “Who’s Your Host?” Identify the permanent replacement for Craig Kilborn debuting tonight (CBS, 12:35 a.m. ET) on The Late Late Show: (A) Craig T. Nelson (B) (C) Craig Ferguson (D) Jenny Craig. Answer: See photo.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Corporate synergy—lots of people flap their lips about it, but seeing it happen is a rare and beautiful thing. So don’t miss the celebrity-ogling Red Carpet Confidential tonight (8 p.m. ET) on Viacom-owned CBS, under the aegis of Viacom-owned Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight, featuring Oprah Winfrey, queen of Viacom-owned King World. We’re still checking to see if the red carpet was manufactured by a Viacom-owned textile mill in North Carolina.

Wednesday, Jan. 5

Is it possible for a renaissance man to exist in a medium that’s not sure what the Renaissance was? Too deep for us! All we know is that producer-screenwriter-musician J.J. Abrams dominates ABC tonight with two of his babies, Lost (8 p.m. ET) and a two-hour season premiere of Alias (9 p.m. ET). Jennifer Garner fans and Alias cultists pray that, after last season’s nutty digressions, a soupçon of plot sanity will be restored. Meanwhile, NBC offers Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search (8 p.m. ET). What are they searching for? Viewers 18-49.

Thursday, Jan. 6

The International Consumer Electronics Show launches today in Las Vegas, drawing representatives from any company with the faintest connection to the television business. Why? Because soon there will be an HD-ready TV screen on every damned surface known to mankind. (Memo to Braun: If you’d just put a wee screen on the blunt end of our rechargeable toothbrush, we wouldn’t have to miss a second of Katie Couric in the morning.) Gadget-crazed conventioneers flood into the exhibits, still wearing the goosebumps they got from last night’s “Pre-show Keynote” delivered by Microsoft’s Bill Gates at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Friday, Jan. 7

And so ends the first week of the 109th Congress of the United States of America. The media-molding Senate Commerce Committee is under new management, with Republican Sen. John McCain handing the chairmanship over to Sen. Ted Stevens, and Sen.Daniel Inouye replacing retired Sen. Ernest Hollings as ranking Dem. The committee will rewrite the Telecommunications Act, but right now our elected representatives are dealing with more pressing matters like trying to remember new interns’ names and poring over office-space allocations to make sure they weren’t dissed.

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