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WHAM-O Disclosures Slipping, Says CARU

It isn't just the media activist community that says some ad disclosures on TV aren't prominent or clear enough.

CARU, the Children's Advertising Review Unit of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, has advised toy maker WHAM-O the "small graphic disclosure" in an ad for a Slip-n-Slide does not sufficiently warn kids about its proper use, and that the ad does not make the point clearly enough that adult supervision was required. The ads run in children's TV shows and CARU said the lack of adequate disclosure could mislead them about the proper use of the product.

CARU asked WHAM-O to rectify the deficits in future ads. The company said it would pass along the CARU guidelines to its ad agency.

CARU does not have enforcement authority but will refer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission if it feels it is warranted and companies fail to comply with its advisory opinions.