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WFTV Report Prompts Toy Recall

An investigation by Cox's WFTV Orlando has led to the recall of plastic toys appearing to represent a plane flying into a skyscraper and an Osama Ben Laden-like figure standing between two skyscrapers.

The toy company that was packaging them with candy and distributing them to Hispanic grocery stores in the area has agreed to pull the candy from the shelves.

A woman found the toy, with a plane whose nose is attached to the top of one tower and its tail to another in a bag of candy she bought for her grandson. the store was "appalled" according to the station, and the distributor, Lisy Corporation, eventually followed suit.

The station turned up the second toy, with a bearded and turbaned figure between the two buildings. Helping to dispell the suggestion the resemblance might be a coincidence was the item number on the toys: 9011.