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WFSB Hartford To Stay Out of Newtown Dec. 14

WFSB Hartford will say out of Newtown, Conn., site of last year’s horrific school shooting, on the tragedy’s one-year anniversary Dec. 14.

Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra made a plea on WFSB’s Face the State program for the media to stay away on the anniversary. "We truly need this time as a community to reflect, to be personal, to be with each other to continue that journey, that grief journey without the impediment or concern of the media," she said.

Meredith’s WFSB vows to do just that, “barring any unexpected event, to give people in the community time to be with each other to reflect on the events of that day.”

Residents’ feelings toward the media in the aftermath of the shootings were tense. Local TV reporters claimed that overseas crews overstepped boundaries and made all media look reckless and unfeeling. Some local residents praised local television for its empathy and accuracy.

WFSB is the market leader in DMA No. 30. Each day leading up to the 14th, the CBS affiliate has been profiling those who died in the shooting.