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West Wing plot perturbs Canadians

Canadian Foreign Minister John Manley has raised an objection to a recent plot line in NBC's The West Wing that depicted a suspected terrorist entering the U.S. from Canada.

AP reports that Manley, who professes to be a fan of the show, said Tuesday he and his countrymen were not amused by that episode of the White House drama.

First of all, the terrorist crossed through the ``Ontario-Vermont border'' which is a geographical impossibility because Ontario and Vermont don't share a border. But more importantly for Manley and fellow Canadians, ``it also perpetuates false assumptions.''

Manley said it's true that ``terrorist sympathizers'' have operated in Canada, just as they have in the United States, Germany, Britain and many other countries.

But contrary to widespread belief in the United States, he said, none of the Sept. 11 hijackers came from Canada.