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Welch in hot water with SEC

That whole "woman scorned" thing is causing increasing headaches for Jack

The Securities and Exchange Commission is now investigating the propriety of
the ex-General Electric Co. chairman's retirement package in the wake of disclosures
in Welch's divorce case.

Welch's wife, Jane, charged in court papers that GE paid for all expenses at
the Manhattan apartment, including food; wine; cook and wait staff; laundry;
furnishings; travel expenses; entertainment; private car and driver; and
computer equipment.

These items had not previously been disclosed in much detail for GE
shareholders, who are generally entitled to know how the company is compensating
current and former officers.

GE revised the package, and Welch contended that his wife is exaggerating the

Jane Welch sued for divorce after The Wall Street Journal disclosed
that Welch was having an affair with an editor at the Harvard Business