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Weigel Launches Me-TV Radio Station

After its success in the broadcast diginet world, Weigel Broadcasting is extending Me-TV to the radio universe. Launching Me-TV at 87.7 on Chicago's FM dial, the station "will bring a distinctive 'Me Music' sound featuring a deep playlist of classic pop and timeless tracks," said Weigel, "a unique blend of memorable, timeless and classic pop music that the boomer generation listened to from the 1960s through 1980s."

MeTV FM 87.7, located online at MeTV.FM, features music from Carly Simon, James Taylor, The Eagles, Neil Diamond and hundreds more. The call letters, effective Feb. 23, are WRME. Venture Technologies owns the station.

"87.7 MeTV FM will differ from the current 'classic hits' format by playing a much broader range of music skewing on the pop/softer side including singer/songwriters, album tracks and hits deemed 'oldies' by some programmers but considered gold by our target audience," said Neal Sabin, Weigel vice chairman. "This is 'Me Music'—memorable, easy music for everyone."

Short for "Memorable Entertainment," Me-TV airs vintage series such as Perry Mason, Batman and Cheers, primarily on TV stations' subchannels.