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Weather Cracks The Climate Code

The Weather Channel is embarking on a major initiative to disseminate information on climate change and global warming.

The network will launch new program The Climate Code with climate expert Dr. Heidi Cullen in October, as well as a broadband channel called "Oneº," aiming to become "as much a source for climate information as we are today for weather information," said Weather Channel President Deborah Wilson.

With the public gaining greater awareness of climate issues through mainstream documentaries like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Weather is aiming to "bring a greater understanding of climate change and the effects of climate change on our earth to people here in our country," said Wilson.

Climate Code will be composed of feature segments, in-depth interviews, discussion and debate. Some of the first guests include Gore and Ted Turner.

Oneº, the broadband channel, is named after the 1 degree of warming that has occurred across the globe. It will feature video developed exclusively for the site, as well as video from The Weather Channel, news and commentary from experts, and blogs by Cullen and guests. It will also feature user-submitted video, Q&As and discussion forums.